Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY Driders

I had some old Mageknight minis lying around (I got them in a big lot of MK minis...) and I had some cheap spiders.  Over at The DM's Craft message board, I saw someone made a Lolth out of an Electra mini and a spider, so....

I don't need a Lolth (got one in my Reaper Bone's KS) but you can ALWAYS use more driders!

Here's the starting bits --
One spider is slightly different (it has a stinger on the back) so that goes with Red.  The other two will be Blue and Yellow.  I'm glad I had one of each color for the driders.  :)

Using epoxy putty, I made a little mound on the top of the body, with a divot for the torso.  I waited for that to dry then I epoxied the torso onto it.

The plastic that MK minis are made out of is just not good.  It doesn't glue well.  Epoxy is about the only thing that I can get to work.

I painted the epoxy "blob" black, but I left the spider and the MK minis painted as is.  I think they are perfect for the table.

They ended up a little low to the ground, but that's not terrible.  You can put a little bit of poster-tac on their belly and they can climb on things like my Dwarven Forge or on a flight stand or on a bread box...

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