Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spells from the Past (3)

Previous posts here and here.  I wrote these spells over 24 years ago.  No game balance is promised or assumed.  :)


Level: 1
Range:  0
Components:  VM
Duration:  1 hour per level
Casting Time:  1
Area of Effect:  20 foot radius globe
Save:  None

This spell creates a glowing sphere, about 6 inches in diameter, with a luminescence equal to torchlight.  The light from the sphere can be nearly any color the caster desires, including black.  The color of the sphere cannot be changed once the spell is cast.  Alternately, it can be set to change colors randomly.  

The globe will hover anywhere within one or two feet of the caster, and he can move it around slowly as he wills.  

The spell cannot be used to blind a creature or to cancel an area of magical darkness and other than the changes above and the increased duration, the spell functions exactly as the first level Wizard spell, Light (p. 136 2ndPH).

The material component of the spell is a bit of phosphorous and a prism.

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