Friday, December 6, 2013

Cavern Geomorph Project

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OK, the project is progressing--

Here's a "tool" that I made so I can quickly measure the gaps for the hallways.  I made a 2" and 1" space.  You can place the gap across the gridlines and draw little tick marks.  Then you can freehand the walls on the tile.  I also made a 4" rule with a 1/4" tick mark for quick use.

Here are a few tiles drawn in -- I want to try a proof of concept before I finish the whole thing.  No sense in wasting time.

I used strips of black foam for the walls.  They are flexible and irregularly shaped.  It's kind of an eggcarton foam that I get from work (electronics packaging.)

Now I've covered the foam and tiles with TP using a glue/water mix.  About 50/50.  

Gonna let it dry.  Then I will cut out the tiles and spray paint them black.  

We'll see how it goes!

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