Friday, March 11, 2011

Deck of Normal Things

I've put together a deck of cards (using art I've "borrowed" off the interwebs).  If I've borrowed your art and you'd like me to take it down; please leave a comment and I will remove/replace the offending image.  I'm very sorry to have appropriated it without permission.

It's a deck of normal equipment that a character might want to have while out on adventure.

Here's a sneak peek:

I figure that I'll make a copy or two, then use one of those card protector sheets for each character.  There are 9 pockets on each page.  Characters will be able to carry a number of items equal to HALF THEIR STR score.  I'm cutting their score in half because I'm allowing them to carry weapons and armor IN ADDITION to these normal items.  Wizards need to be relatively unencumbered so they can effectively cast spells.  

Some items might count as two or more items (like a ladder) and other items might make carrying items easier or let you carry an extra item or two (like a backpack).  With the backpack, I'd probably make the player put the backpack card in front and then 2 or 3 small items behind it where they can't see them.  Then they'd have to remember what's in the pack...

This hasn't been playtested yet, but what can it hurt?


Digital Orc said...

Interesting! If you want some (admittably low quality) original art, take a look at my art here and let me know if I can help.

You can also get there under "What I've Created" on my blog at

Jim said...

@Dylan -- Thanks! I'll take a look!

Tony Bro001 said...

Great minds think alike.

I've been using my own item cards for the last 8 sessions of my campaign and they've gone down a treat with my players. I've published the house rules and a sample card on my campaign blog:

I'm planning to publish several "decks" at an app store price via DriveThruRPG in the very near future.