Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Oddball Minis Find...

I like to buy stuff at the dollar store and at Goodwill when I think it has a reasonable chance it can be used as a mini, or with minis.

Today, I purchased a pretty well used copy of "Life: Indiana Jones Edition".

I have no intention of playing this game EVER, but there are some cool plastic bits that I harvested.  They're a bit small to use with human/orc sized 25mm minis, but I'm thinking that they are PERFECT for use with my kobolds and goblins.  It will be an actual visual reminder that these little guys can crawl in holes that humans have trouble in.

Here's are pics of the bits:
Here's a HeroScape viking with the holy grail, shankara stones, and ark of the covenant.  These would be pretty cool treasures to base an entire campaign around!

Here's that viking with the rocky terrain from the game.  The slots are a bit narrow for my viking.

I will be doing some serious modding of the rope bridge.  There are four Indy's with the game; I might paint one or two as adventurers...  

You can see a D&D goblin in the back/right.  He fits in the terrain grooves just fine.  Those pesky humans had better stay out of his way!


Pere Ubu said...

Who could not love a tiny lil' plastic Ark Of The Covenant?

Jay said...

Nice finds! I'm always pilfering other games, toys, etc for any little bit of terrain or accessories.

Been buyin' old heroclix minis for Gamma World recently. Which is hilarious, because I've got no gaming group at the moment. Just the idea of of tiny Gamma World fascinates me to no end!