Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lego Heroica

This looks AWESOME!  Lego Dungeons!

I'll be buying all four sets as soon as they are available!

Wish I could understand the voiceover...  :(


Arkhein said...

Using my 2 years of German classes, they appear to be talking about playing some sort of a game.


Okay, the really interesting part is that the lady seems to be talking about 'computer games' a lot, as if she is trying to explain the concept of a dungeon crawl in the terms of a computer game - since no one would understand a dungeon crawl in the terms of - oh - say - Dungeons and Dragons. :)

That's at least what I get from my pathetic understanding.

- Ark

Jim said...

@Ark -- thanks for the help! I really am looking forward to these. Too bad the folks at Lego haven't connected the dots with D&D...

Mondbuchstaben said...

Yes, she is basically explaining a Hero Quest-like game by comparing it to computer games.
There are four different sets (= regions = "levels") with "boss monsters" that can be combined to form the realm.

I think they don't want to connect the dots with D&D, a rather geeky-oh-so-eightes pastime.

With WoW around it is so much easier to explain what you are supposed to do in that dungeon...

Erin Smale said...

Very cool, but if I put legos on the gaming table, exactly zero of my players will pay attention to what's going on in the adventure.

Jay said...

Yeah I think Heroica is looking pretty awesome. Reminds me of Brikwars.

Here's another guy's dungeon crawl diorama .

Anonymous said...

She really describes it by computer game examples - but as a native german speaker, for me it really sounds more like she just doesn't know about d&d at all... That's the sad truth, probably.
I like the concept, but I would prefer a version with lego minifigs, and not these small, well, "pöppel"s.