Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflections on the Fiend Folio

I never had a lot of problem with the FF.  In fact, I have very fond memories of the book and many of the monsters within it.

My mom took me to Tri-City mall, must have been within a week or two of the book's release, to buy it at the toy store.  I remember the excitement of being the first in my group (I think) to buy it.  I remember reading it all the way home.  It was cool.

Many people get down on the art (Enveloper/Dough Boy) but I think much of the art has a unique style and it has grown on me over the years.

I think the artist that epitomizes the FF is Russ Nicholson.  He drew such personal favorites as the Blindheim, Dark Creeper, Dark Stalker, Ettercap, Flind, and Githyanki.  I've used all these monsters in my Queston campaign and the picture had a lot to do with me giving them a chance.

I have other memories of FF monsters as a player.  I remember "Blinker" (he had to be a Blindheim) from the depths of Bellicose Keep.  I remember him as a fun NPC ally.

I remember a time when Tweens were running amok in our group.  Everyone had one.  We ruled that they canceled each other out when two heroes with Tweens were close together.

My first exposure to Drow was from the FF.

I was looking through the old White Dwarf issues and I came upon the original "Sheet Phantom".  This is one of the FF monsters that has a silly picture.  Upon finding the original picture and description, I don't know why they decided to change the visual.  Decide for yourself.

The pic on the left is how the Sheet Phantom is depicted in the FF.  The posting on the right is from the original WD article.


They also changed the nature of the creature from being a kind of ghoul to being a form of wraith that becomes a ghoul if it smothers you.  I think the original was fine.

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