Thursday, March 18, 2010

3D Dungeon with Grandson

A few months ago, I ran a totally free-form game for Matt, Brian, Sara and Maddy. Jeanne was out of town at her mom's and I wanted to game.

I made up a super-simple system with about three attributes, five skills and one resolution table. You always roll 2d6 for challenges. Damage was 1 to 3d6.

Simple and fun.

Here are some of the pictures from the dungeon adventure I made up on the spot. I just kept grabbing cool minis out of my MageKnight boxes (no, I don't play MageKnight -- I bought them in huge lots for use with DnD or Savage Worlds 0r Fate -- any RPG).

It was a fun night and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Enjoy the pics!


Chris said...

These photos are great -- the way you've spaced the floor tiles to hold the dungeon walls in place is tremendously clever. A really cool way to play!

christian said...

Holy hell! Bonus points for the hexes. makes me want to play GURPS!!!

Jim said...

@Christian - built it for Fantasy HERO originally....