Friday, March 5, 2010

Old School Gaming - in 10 pages!

Those of you who know me (I think that's everyone reading this blog!) know that I'm no fan of these "modern" rpg rulebooks.

Sure, they're pretty and have high production values. They're chock full of amazing artwork and evocative fiction. They often have hundreds of pages and there's usually a set of 10+ that you'll need just to play.

They're also full of RULES that you are expected to LEARN and REMEMBER! Who has that kind of time? Teenagers. Not me.

Last night I was searching around for some RPG adventure ideas and I came upon a cool, bare-bones rpg system called Microlite74.

It's not fancy. It doesn't adhere to all the new RPG ideas of character development, player control, etc., but it does look like it would handle a good old dungeon crawl without any fuss or muss.

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