Friday, March 5, 2010

Dungeons should have no Ecology!

I was reminiscing about one of my favorite dungeon experiences today.

The first time I ever played Tunnels and Trolls, I was a participant in an adventure called "The Dungeon of the Bear."

I only remember it in "images". I remember that there were trolls with crossbows in giant violin cases. I seem to remember a forcefield holding the ceiling up on a room.

I remember being turned into a badger, by the infamous "Badger Diamond".

Good memories.

Dungeon adventures should be filled with delightful impossibilities, puzzles and treasures.

I don't care if the dragon IS stuck in the room. I don't care if the orcs have no food source. I don't care if the trolls live right next door to the zombies.

Dungeon adventures should be fun and mysterious. Period.

Sometime in the future I'll reminisce about "Bellicose Keep"!

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Unknown said...

Ah, I think that was Uncle Ugly's Underground, not Dungeon of the Bear. ;)

Dungeon of the Bear is an odd one. I converted it for use with GRIP, and even recorded some audios. It was a lot stranger than I ever remembered.

How about a day in the future, we plan a night to "Return the Bellicose Keep"?

That could be fun! I'll have to think about something fast, and yet epic, that could fill a night.

Maybe we can invite Greg, too, and I will wear a kevlar vest if Jorin Gemseeker goes back into the gauntlet one more time...