Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Fiend (Grenadier mini... I think...) Nope Citadel!

I've had this mini for a long, long time.  I don't remember buying it specifically.  I think I may have purchased it as a "loose mini" from a local game store (or maybe Toys by Roy.)

I think I actually painted him with Testor's Model Paints.  I used to use them (badly) back in the day.

When I was looking up the Tarrahook Bat in an old White Dwarf, lo and behold, I discovered this.

Who knew he was an actual "Fiend?"  I just thought that was the name of the mini.  :)


Unknown said...

It's a Citadel fig. Imported by Ral Partha Back in the day. Which kind of makes sense considering the original source material.

Darnizhaan said...

recast as the forlarren in Fiend folio.

Springinsfeld said...

A real early sculpt from Citadel, I think by Humphrey Leadbiter (or maybe the Perry twins). It's a cool mini anyway.

Jim said...

@Dwight Grosso - Thanks for the info. I've edited the title.
@Darnizhaan - I didn't realize the connection... Thanks!
@Springinsfeld - Interesting info. Thank you!