Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Successful Adventurers Returning to Town (NPCs)

Saw this picture over at the OBI Scrapbook Blog -

And I couldn't resist trying to write these guys up as a group of NPCs.  I'm a bit of a minimalist, but these should work just fine in any old school game.

  • A =  Adelfre the torchbearer. 
  • B = Brigeorferd the torchbearer.  Actually quite proficient with the shortsword.  
  • C = Jadat the Quiet.  Useful to have around.  Good with a knife and doesn't mind the sight of blood.  Knows how to brew a virulent poison that causes the victim to feel like they are burning inside.
  • D = Dakim the fighter.  Wears padded mail.  Prefers the mace to the sword.  Uneasy around the monkey-wizard, but is a mercenary through-and-through.  The monkey pays well.
  • E = Ernie the halfling ranger.  Quite good at tracking and has an affinity for animals in the wild. Can read the runes on the standing stones.  Seems nigh impervious to magic and this irritates Kan-lac to no end.
  • F = Frish the bearer.  Won't fight, but is quite happy carrying things.  Doesn't mind if a few little things make their way into his pockets during the trip.  
  • G = Gando the fighter.  Proficient enough.  Spies on Kan-lac for the Wizards Guild of Thray.
  • H = Hardgarl the oaf.  Not too bright, but strong as an ox.  Loyal to Kan-lac.  Is actually quite amazed by the talking monkey and will do anything it says.  Has magical chainmail under his threadbare coat.
  • K = Kan-lac the monkey wizard.  Transformed by a permanent polymorph spell, Kan-lac uses his size, speed and appearance to his distinct advantage.  He is extremely intelligent and knows many charms and enchantments.  Wears a ring of protection.  
  • L = Limbar the halfling footpad.  Best friend to Hardgarl.  Keeps him out of trouble.


Brutorz Bill said...

C= Cha-Zool the Mysterious, Cleric, pale-skinned secretive adviser to Kan-Lac, his prized possession is a mummified hand that he mutters too and touches whenever he is nervous or thinking.

Jim said...

Love that. Thanks!!