Sunday, May 4, 2014

Making a Tarrahook Bat (Part 3)

Some more pics --

I drilled a small hole in his back and a small hole in the wooden base.  I then epoxied (not superglue) the wire into the base and the bat.

I'll be texturing the base with sand (I suspect) and then I'll be painting him up.  I'm thinking about brownish tones, but we shall see.

I think I'll try and make a couple more of these -- trying to go a bit smaller and to avoid the need to epoxy into the back of the bat -- then I'm going to work on STIRGES!  I have a plan that involves putty, pins, beads, a plastic plant, wire and paint.

Should be fun!

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Springinsfeld said...

Brilliant.I remember the original article in White Dwarf.... well done.