Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spontaneous Wizard Magic

Previous post about clerics here.

So, if clerics can benefit from some spontaneous choices, couldn't wizards do the same?  Maybe.  I'm willing to give it a try.

Seems to me that if wizards didn't feel like they always had to have Fireball or Sleep memorized, they might just memorize Gust of Wind or Mount.  

My thought was that (whether you use Schools of Magic or not) wizards could attach themselves to a school and in doing so, they would get access to certain spells to use "in exchange" for any spell they have memorized.

Of course, you can always exchange a higher level spell for a lower level spell.

I've tried to match a "theme" to the wizard school.  I think these groupings have a lot of potential.  I also think that Invocation/Evocation will be a popular choice.  :)

SchoolLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
AbjurationProtection from EvilProtection from CantripsDispel MagicMinor GlobeDismissal
AlterationFeather FallLevitateFlyDimension DoorTeleport
Conjuration/SummoningMountSummon SwarmMonster Summoning 1Black TentaclesFaithful Hound
Enchantment/CharmCharm PersonForgetSuggestionConfusionFeeblemind
Illusion/PhantasmPhantasmal ForceInvisibilitySpectral ForceMinor CreationDemi-Shadow Monsters
Invocation/EvocationMagic MissileWebFireballIce StormWall of Stone
DivinationDetect MagicESPClairvoyanceMagic MirrorContact Other Plane
NecromancyChill TouchSpectral HandVampiric TouchContagionAnimate Dead
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As always, YMMV.  I have not playtested this yet, but I'm planning on it.

EDIT: I'm going to make wizards roll INT or less on d20 to change a spell on the fly.  If they want to change it in memory, they can do that over the course of several turns -- no problem.  Clerics (because of "divine favor" make their swaps at will.

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Twofer said...

Hey Jim - Keep in mind that in your game Wizards get delta levels and Clerics don't. So, spontaneous casting for Wizards may be just a little OP.