Saturday, May 3, 2014

Making a Tarrahook Bat (Part 2)

So, here he is with his wings glued on.  This is a new bat body.  Slightly smaller.

I thought that paper might be too fragile for the wings, so I used part of a USPS mailer.  In hindsight, it was probably overkill.  Regular copy paper will probably be strong enough, especially once it is held together with hot glue.

I tried to add texture to the wings using more hot glue.  I added detail to the body using more epoxy putty.

The fangs are the tips of toothpics.  I made the eyes by pressing the tip of a retractable ballpoint pen into a blob of putty.  I ran an extra strip of putty down the back to integrate the wings into the mini.

I'm sure he'll look a lot better painted up.  He might be a bit too big, but, that just makes him more dangerous!  :)  I'm going to drill a hole in his back and make a "flying base" using wire and a wooden base.

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