Monday, November 15, 2010

My Gelatinous Cube

Michael Curtis over at Torch, Pole and Rope posted about his DIY Gelatinous Cube.

Here's mine.  Its a bit smaller than his.  I made it from a clear "cube-ish" container.  I hot glued an old skeleton MageKnight fig inside and then filled it with dollar store hair gel.



Gothridge Manor said...

Ha, that is very cool. Hair gel huh. That might be the secret ingredient in a real gelatinous cube.

christian said...

That is pretty cool. Very well done!

Rich said...

That is very cool. I make really good slime out of polyvinyl alcohol and borate as a cross-linker (there are various recipes on the internet). You could food color it to get any color. That stuff is nice because you can actually flip it upside down and it won't come out. If you mix it while it is curing you will get lots of nice bubbles. You can add a few drops of lysol and keep it in the refrigerator to minimize molding and keep it longer.

ze bulette said...

Nice! Very stylish. ;)