Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maze of Peril - NOT a 4e Adventure!

I've just begun reading the "Maze of Peril" by John Eric Holmes and I plan on posting a full review once I'm done.  For now, I thought I'd post a few little tidbits from the first chapter as a way of setting the tone.

This is a seriously "Old School" adventure so far.  Here are some bits --

(I suppose some minor spoilers follow; I will be revealing some plot elements from the book)

  • The adventurers meet in a tavern.
  • They are hired by a wizard.
  • They are heading down into "the fabled Underworld" -- obviously a mega-megadungeon.
  • One character has a helm "with a long Norman nosepiece" and another curses "Mother of Mithra" -- the setting is a mish-mash of sources. 
"What race or races had built the original maze no one knew.  It seemed, in the opinion of the sages and magicians of the time, that there must have been many layers of dungeons and underworlds laid down, one atop the other, as the world crust was formed, so that now no one knew, ore even guessed, how many levels it extended below the surface."

  • There's a halfling, an elf, a dwarf and a wizard in the party.
  • The enter the underworld through a "secret door".
  • They bring a pack mule down into the dungeon.
  • Once the party gets together, the elf says, "I'll buy the next round.  Now, let us talk business."
Wanna guess what they talk about?  Here's a hint -- it's not healing surges or marks or anything like that...
 "The halfling and the dwarf launched into a discussion of magical detection schemes, march distances, horse power, mercenary men-at-arms, supply dumps, and rations."
I'm really liking it so far.  It's not as polished as some, but so far it has a charm all its own.

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bliss_infinte said...

Yes, it's a fun read and it definitely grounded in classic D&D which will be reinforced as you read on.