Wednesday, November 10, 2010

26 Years Ago TODAY!

Twenty-six years ago right now, a younger me was scribbling on the pieces of paper RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

I'm not kidding.

Twenty-six years ago right now I was scrambling to write an adventure for my friend Norman.  I'd just realized earlier in the week that we had Veteran's Day off from school and that meant we had some prime gaming time right in the middle of the week.

After dinner I grabbed some mechanical pencils, pens and paper and retreated to my bedroom.

I was creating for HOURS AND HOURS the very dungeon I have right here!  Amazing!

I know that I'm a packrat, but this is too cool.  :)

I just moved from my old house to a new one.  During that move, I was forced to pack up and look through my gaming stuff.  I came upon this lost adventure --

"The Barrow of King Grothegarka'an"

It's obvious to me that I was serious about this one.  It has WAAAAAY more detail than most of my other adventures.

The maps are shaded in.  I use pencil AND two colors of pen.  I name the different levels and I have an ornate key.

There's even a "cover image" of the barrow with the dark night sky above it, the three moons of Queston floating above...

I need to take a little bit of time tonight and tomorrow to write up a post-mortem for the adventure as far as I remember, then I'll post that AND the entire scan of the adventure (well, what there is of it -- I never finished it...)

More tomorrow!


christian said...

I look forward to checking it out. :)

Trey said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love this kind of stuff. Seeing how others ran the game, especially "back in the day" is always a real treat. I have a few of my own from back then, but my earliest stuff is all gone, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Ah, memories... it's amazing the stuff we keep and sad how much s actually lost. Makes me want to dig through my old boxes to see what I can find...

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Look forward to seeing the adventure.