Monday, November 22, 2010

The Maze of Peril

Christmas came early for me today and I'm giddy with anticipation!


I just received my very own copy of John Eric Holmes' "Maze of Peril"

Back on July 5, James M over at GROGNARDIA mentioned that you can still order copies from Space and Time books.

Well, I clicked on the email at the bottom of the page and "natalia" suggested that I contact Gordon Linzner.  He said that he still had copies of the book and that I could send him a check.  Here's what he said in an email to me:
I've got a couple hundred left. $6.95 each, but the $2 postal charge applies to the whole order. Order 5 or more and there's no postage handling charge.
I'd verify that the offer still stands with him ( before I send my check, but I was thrilled with the price and the service.

I sent my check last week and I found it in my mailbox today!  Just in time for some Thanksgiving reading!

Get your copy/copies while the supply lasts!  This is a classic that's a must have!


Aaron E. Steele said...

How about a sneak peek?

Jim said...

@Paladin -- what would you like? Shall I scan a chapter or a few pages?

Aaron E. Steele said...

Maybe a quick review? :D

Jim said...

@Paladin! I will TOTALLY review it once I've finished reading it! ABSOLUTELY! I just know that its a classic because of who the author is. :) I'm planning to read a bunch of it this weekend! Thanks for the nudge!

Trey said...

Cool. I went looking for this about a year ago and was unable to find it.