Monday, October 4, 2010

The Malignant Monograph of Malevolent Malefactors blog

A week or so ago, I posed a question about building upon Matt Finch's 0e Monster Book.

I received a lot of good feedback and the project is GO!

I posted an update here.

Well, to keep the efforts I make on that book separate from the Creative Commons license of this blog, I've started another blog that will be under the OGL.

It's called The Massive Monograph of Malignant Malefactors (MMMM).

The first post is up (it's just the OGL), but later today I'm going to post an updated draft of my ABCD Monster system and then I'll start posting some of the monsters I'm editing.

The MMMM blog will serve as an appetizer that I hope will get you all interested in the book.  I think it will be a worthy successor to Matt's book with new features, new monsters and great art.

Please join me over there if you are interested!

PS: I will probably cross-post between Carjackedseraphim and MMMM from time to time just to bring new people into the mix.  :)


Roger G-S said...

Is that a spoiler to the contents I see in the OGL section?

The Gorbel lives!

Jim said...

It's a cut and paste job right now; trying to cover all my bases... but if you like the Gorbel -- he's back baby! :) LOL