Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dungeon Building Challenge II

Earlier this month I issued a challenge to design an Old School Dungeon using only the dungeon tiles from the DTMS.

I've been moving, so I didn't make the progress that I wanted to -- BUT -- I did scan all my tiles and make tiny little jpgs of them for your dungeon building pleasure!

In the files section to the left, you can download a zip archive of the jpgs.  Enjoy!

I will be dragging them into OmniGraffle to make my map.  Each tile is given a number AND an A or B.  You can't simultaneously use the A and B sides of the same tile.  :)  The files called "single sided" are black on the back and are marked AB.

I still hope to have my Old School Dungeon done very soon.  I'll share it here when it's completed.

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