Friday, October 8, 2010

Dungeon Building Challenge!

The folks at TSR WOTC have recently issued an adventure called "The Ghost Tower".  It uses only the Dungeon Tiles Master Set (DTMS) as the basis for the adventure.

The DTMS is an excellent resource and its only $13.59 at Amazon.  Economies of scale at work!

So here's a challenge to all my OSR comrades!

Design an "old school" dungeon adventure using ONLY the DTMS as the basis for the map.

I will be working on my adventure over fall break (next week) and I hope to have something posted before Halloween!  Hint: it will probably have a Halloween theme!

If you accept the challenge, please email me a .doc or .odt of your work.  (wilmanric at gmail dot com) PNG or JPG maps are fine.  If I have time, I may even re-do the maps using "re-creations" of the tiles.  :)

The deadline for entries will be December 1 so I can get the whole thing edited in time.  I'll put a compilation of all our adventures together as a .pdf for distribution by the end of the year.

Of course, you'll get full credit for your work in the book and you will retain all rights to your work beyond granting me the right to publish the .pdf to this blog (and possibly release a book at Lulu -- AT COST -- for those who might want a dead tree copy).


Secular Transhumanist said...

But then I'd actually have to buy a set of dungeon tiles. Which would never see any use outside of this particular contest.

Jim said...

@Joseph -- I'm probably gonna scan the tiles so that people could participate without buying the tiles. Thanks for the reminder!