Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Like many people, I struggle with my weight.  It's not easy to eat right and exercise.  I'm doing my best, but I'm always looking for ideas that can help me.

One idea is tracking all my food.  I use "MyFitnessPal" to do that.  It's a great site/app if you are interested.

Another site that I'm liking a lot is "HabitRPG"  It turns behaviors into a game.  My friend Ryan told me about it during our Warhammer 40k game on Sunday.

Do the right thing, you gain XP and Gold.  Do the wrong thing, you take damage.  :(

I just leveled up!
You get to set the Habits you want to reinforce.  Here's a bit of my list --
You don't have to do these every day, but if you do, you get XP and gold.

Then there are Dailies.  Things you want to do every day.  Skip these and you take a hit!
You can set them (like Blogging) to not happen "daily" but on some subset of the week.

You also have the chance to make To Do's.  Long term projects you'd like to get done.

So far so good with this site.  It does make me more conscious of the habits I want to reinforce.

It might work for you too!

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