Friday, January 3, 2014

Crazy Initiative Idea

Cool chart by Telecanter -

A single caveat --

  • This idea is completely untested.  Sometimes you have to get ideas out of your head to see if they work...  :)
How I actually do things --
  • When I do initiative, I roll a d6 for the monsters and the players roll a d6 for the party.
  • High roll goes first.
  • If the dice match, it all happens simultaneously.
  • I have a deck of cards that I use to randomize the order of the PCs and the monsters within their initiative roll.
OK, now for the idea.
  • High rolls are best.
  • You get to add your DEX bonus (if any) to your roll.
  • If you have a polearm, and are in position to use it, roll the better of 2d12
  • If you have a fast/nimble weapon (rapier, whip, throwing daggers, arrows, darts, loaded crossbow, etc.) roll d12
  • If your weapon is long (like a spear or 2h-sword,) and you are in a good position to use it, roll d12
  • If you have an "average"melee weapon (sword, axe, flail, etc.) roll d10
  • If you have a short melee weapon (dagger, shortsword, fist, shield bash, mace, crossbow that needs to be loaded, etc.) roll d8
  • If you have a spear or 2h-sword up close where it's difficult to use, roll d6
  • If you have a polearm up close, but there is still room to maneuver, roll d4
  • If you have a polearm, spear or 2h-sword and you can't maneuver.  Drop your weapon and use something else.
Whatcha think?


Hobo Ogre said...

Sorry, I know I'm late to the party on this post. Been thinking about it a few days...

I really like this. I'm B/X all the way, but I like a few bits from OD&D. Having weapons differentiate in Initiative, instead of Damage (all do d6) or To-Hit (AD&D), is a great idea.

Watched a bit of re-enactments lately. Seems polearms become a huge disadvantage if the enemy gets past the end of your weapon and they've a normal weapon, like sword or axe.

Giving 2H weapons an extra +1 to Initiative but loosing a point to Defense any round they DON'T get Initiative, could be one way to simulate that.

I'm just rambling, but your post got me to thinking. Which is one sign of a good post.


Hobo Ogre said...
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Hobo Ogre said...

EDIT: "...any round they DON'T win Initiative..."

Not "get Initiative".

(Damn not having an "Edit Post" option!)


Jim said...

@MO -- I like your idea about the 2H/AC thing. Seems realistic. Thanks!