Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cavern Geomorphs (one set finished)

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So, I abandoned the square cavern geomorphs.  My tests just didn't work out.  Over on the DM's Craft board, a person named @onethatwas suggested hexes.

This idea worked better.  I had a few quality control issues making sure that the hexes were exactly the same size, but they'll work fine.

Here are some pics --

The hexes are double-thick cardboard and the walls are a single layer.  The "door" gap is 2" and the hexes are 10" across.  I spray-painted them black and then I drybrushed the edges with grey.  I also used a sponge to highlight the "walls."  In some spots (you can see it on the tile above) I used the sponge to make slime/mold/fungus on the tiles.  Just for visual interest.

At this scale, they will integrate with my Dwarven Forge Game Tiles, so we'll see how that goes.


1d30 said...

Those are beautiful. Could definitely see myself using that. And you're right that it could work with a square-based system, although if you go from hex to square and back the whole network might have problems matching up exactly.

Unknown said...
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Telecanter said...

Awesome. I love hexagonal geomorphs and those look great.