Sunday, July 7, 2013

[WH40k] Underground Lasers Terrain

A few months ago, I got involved in a Kickstarter for this laser-cut, wooden, 28mm scale Sci Fi terrain.

I received a well-padded box filled with my models.  I built one, just to try it out, and I must say, that I'm very impressed.  The wood is solid and the cuts are very clean.  The slots/grooves that slide together to assemble the pieces fit perfectly.  The pieces are very well engineered.

I highly recommend Underground Lasers if you are interested in this kind of thing.  He has an eBay store.

Here are some pics.  Eventually, I plan to paint these once I'm certain about the configuration I like (there is some built-in flexibility.)

These "shipping cubes" are stackable.

The ladder you see on the right side is removable.  

More pictures to follow as I build additional pieces.

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