Sunday, July 28, 2013

[CotMA] Battle with the Circus of the Damned

So three adventurers had been geased to retrieve the Rod of the Skygem for the Ringmaster.  Kalen had been asked by Bachontoi to retrieve it for him.

This setup a conflict.

Using commune with Bachontoi, Morgrim determined that battle with the Ringmaster was the only way to break the geas without giving the Rod away.

Bachontoi was willing to go along and turned himself into a donkey to sneak into the Ringmaster's pocket dimension.

The Ringmaster and his clowns, freaks, witch and drago-phant (part elephant/part dragon -- called Dumbo) were ready upon their arrival.

The battle took a long time but eventually the adventurers were triumphant.  I'll share some random tidbits about this photo for those of you who are interested.  :)

  • Using my LCD projector, I was able to find a picture of a carnival and this formed the area of the battle.  
  • Though it's hard to see, Kalen the Wizard is being identified by the "pointing fingers" in the picture above.  He dimension doored from the battlefield to a perch on the "Ferris Wheel of DOOM!"  He's sitting on a platform on a "flying stand" that I built.
  • The blue object (center-left) is the gate that the adventurers entered through.
  • The hobbit with the yellow ring is Hildigrim.  He is currently hasted (gold ring) and has read a scroll of Protection from Magic (yellow ring - 11 rounds of protection left - yellow die)
  • There were four kinds of "freaks" from the Circus Freakshow.  Three of them can be seen here.  The one at the bottom represented a "four armed" freak.  At the top with the red skin was a "firebreather."  Next to that one was a "scaly" freak.  
  • Biata (purple dress) had her hands full with freaks in melee.  I use numbered wooden chips (2 above) to designate monsters to keep track of damage and effects.
  • The mini with the green base was a "Clown."  I found these in a vending machine for $0.50.  I have three and they've been a fun addition to the Castle of the Mad Archmage.  Lots of clown references in there.
  • The two wizards battling are Bachontoi (left) and the Ringmaster (right).
  • Firebreather freak #1 has been wailing on Oryx and Morgrim with his firebreath.  
  • Yellow Clown has a red ring on him because Oryx managed to give him a terrible wound.  He will take an extra d6 every round, hence the red d6 nearby.
  • Dumbo the drago-phant has been clobbered by Grunbar the Handsman.  This represents the SECOND dragon he has knocked out with his fists.  Awesome!  
  • Grunbar is the dwarf with the keg.  Morgrim has the red cloak and sword.  (Clerics of Bachontoi can use swords in my game.)  The sword is Jasper and can speak telepathically to Morgrim.  Oryx is the dwarf with the pick and lantern.
  • Collen Redsides has just been knocked out by the Red Clown.  
  • The two pale minis are Spiny Freaks.
  • The mini encircled with the yellow pipe cleaner is the witch who is being crushed by Bigby's Crushing Hand.  Kalen used a wand to that effect after dimension dooring to the Ferris Wheel.  
  • The dire badger is her pet and it is trying to rescue her.
Good times!

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