Monday, July 15, 2013

[Bones] More Progress...

Here are some more minis from this weekend's painting spree...
An "eyebeast" I think.  I like the way he turned out.

I make the bases larger with Sculpey and a 1" washer.  Then I blend the crack (a bit) with Squadron White Putty.  I've not tested the bases for durability.  I suspect they are a bit fragile, but I typically am careful with my stuff.  :)

A couple old Grenadier "Henchmen."  I like to paint these guys up a little gaudy.  I think the wash turned out well.

You poor dumb dead bastard!


Anonymous said...

The best and fastest thing to use on bases when you are going with washers is Vinyl Spackling compound, the non-shrinking type. Easy to manipulate, aid dries quickly, and it is porous so it absorbs color well.

It is very strong, give it a try.

Also,, with washers it is seldom necessary to fill the hole, just use epoxy to glue minis down and place on a piece of tin foil to dry, the epoxy will fill the hole for you.

Very nice work on these minis so far!!!

Sean Robson said...

You are certainly clipping along at fast rate, Jim! All I've managed to paint so are are two skeleton spear-men. I haven't even washed all my Bones yet.

Jim said...

@Degenerate Elite -- thanks for the tips!! I will try that immediately! Epoxy eh? I haven't used that, but I'll have to try that as well.
@Sean -- thanks! I drove my wife a little crazy with the mess on the kitchen table, but I wanted to do some painting this weekend. Relaxing. :)