Monday, May 2, 2011

Zak's Collapsible Encounter Method - Spreadsheet V2

Once again, Zak had a really cool idea using a line graph.

I created a first version of this spreadsheet.

Then, this morning, I thought, "heck, computers are good at rolling numbers -- why not let them do the whole thing?"

I reformatted the spreadsheet and put in a random d10 and some hlookups.  You fill out the Inputs table however you'd like and the Outputs table randomly fills with the data according to the random rolls.

Control-R recalculates the spreadsheet.

Here's a link if you want to get yourself a copy.


Roger G-S said...

Good work - though I am finding it impossible to modify or download with my access privileges. I have found tha Google Docs doesn't always work when you use the "anyone with the link" setting.

Jim said...

@Roger -- I've changed the settings to "Public". Please let me know if that works better...

Christopher said...

I was able to download it. Thanks!