Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zak's Untested Collapsible Encounter Method -- AS A SPREADSHEET!

Zak posted this really cool idea over at his blog.  In short, you create four random tables of 2dN values and you build a line chart that has a sliding modifier from -N to N.   The four tables are: Monsters, Traps, Locks and Treasures.  You put the most dangerous things at the highest numbers on the chart.

As the adventurers get deeper into the dungeon, you roll dN and you add the appropriate modifier for the distance from the entrance.

I put in a formula (untested) that randomizes the modifier from -10+(half the depth) to (half the depth).  So, if you were 6 rooms in, it would randomize a modifier from -7 to 3.  I just thought this might be easier than making up a line graph for each dungeon.

I could probably put in cells to tweak the formula....  That'll be V.2.   :)

Anyway, you make up the four charts and you roll a d10 and add the modifier.  You can hit CTRL-R to recalculate the variables.

Here's a screenshot.

Here's a link to the GoogleDoc.  Save a copy and try it out.  Thanks again Zak!

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Unknown said...

Pretty cool. I think Zak's idea is fantastic and a spreadsheet might be a handy way to pull it off.