Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wilderness Alphabet Book: Status Update

Lulu just sent me an email today, letting me know that my bound and printed (dead tree) copy of my "Wilderness Alphabet" book is ON ITS WAY!

I'm extremely excited about this.  It has always been a dream to write a book (of some kind) and that day is nearly here!

Once I've proofed it and am happy with the book, I'll be making it available at Lulu for any and all who are interested.  I'm planning on dead tree and PDF versions -- but I want to make sure that the PDF is printer friendly AND appropriately bookmarked, so the printed version will probably be delivered first.  I think the book can be a great reference for DMs who are running a sandbox campaign.  It's just chock full of ideas and random tables.

As an aside, just so everyone knows, I reached out to Michael Curtis (of the excellent Dungeon Alphabet) and asked him if he had plans to expand the franchise.  He said no and encouraged me to give my ideas a shot.  Thanks Michael!

Here's a pic of the Table of Contents so you'll have a sense of what's inside the covers.

Special thanks to a couple of proofreaders (and readers of my blog) Norman Harman and Dave Bargman for their assistance!

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ze bulette said...

Looking forward to checking it out. :)