Monday, July 19, 2010

Multi-ability Checks (somewhat simple)

First, over at Eiglophian Press, G. Benedicto made a great post about ability checks using d6.  Then Cyclopeatron added to the discussion by proposing a system for rolling against two ability scores.

I think these posts are great, but I'm just going to chime in with my own system, based upon their systems.  :)

I would propose the following:

One Ability
Two Abilities (summed)
(E) Easy
Roll 2d6
Roll 4d6
(S) Standard
Roll 3d6
Roll 6d6
(D) Difficult
Roll 4d6
Roll 8d6
(V) Very Difficult
Roll 5d6
Roll 10d6
(A) Arduous
Roll 6d6
Roll 12d6
(N) Nigh-Impossible
Roll 7d6
Roll 14d6

My reason for using only d6 instead of the d12s that Cyclopeatron proposes is this.  Each attribute should generate at least one point of result on the roll.  If you use d12s there is a possibility of rolling a "1" and that makes skill checks using two attributes a bit easier than rolling against only one attribute.

Adding the dice up might be too arduous (I haven't used this yet -- so I'm just in "theory mode" right now) so I'm thinking about how I could create a dice pool slash count successes system.  Stay tuned!

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Kevin Mac said...

Adding the dice up might be too arduous<

Yeah, this is the type of think I try to keep real simple. Just make a quick roll and move on.