Sunday, July 25, 2010

The D-Total

I admire Mr. Zocchi for his entrepreneurial spirit, but I don't want to pay $24 for one die -- even if it can replace all the dice in my bag.

See the post at RPG Blog II here.

Instead, grab a d20 and this handy-dandy chart.  You're good to go.

If you don't want to "re-roll" I've put in what would be a fine approximation for me.  YMMV.

I think the variance for the d9 is to great to "guesstimate" so I'd re-roll on the 10 or 20.  Also YMMV.

Here's one if you have a d24 (doesn't everyone?)  LOL!  Again, YMMV.

In both systems, if you want to roll a d30, d40, d50, d60, d70, d80 or d90 -- just roll the d20 or d24 and read the dN where N is the tens place.  Then roll again using the d10 for the ones place.  Easy peasy.


EDIT: Now that I think about it -- if you just have one d20 and one d24 -- you're in really good shape.  Only 7's and 9's will give you any trouble at all.  I recommend the d24 for the 7's and the d20 for the 9's.  

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