Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am the very model of a modern Major.. eh... DM

Last night, ran the first session of "The Castle of the Mad Archmage" and I thought I'd give everyone a peek behind my DM's screen.

So, what's there?

Well, I have my iPad -- it has TONS of RPG pdfs on it (S&W Whitebox, Kellri's books, my Wilderness Alphabet, The Dungeon Alphabet, etc.)  Plus, it has wifi, so if I need something on the interwebs, I'm good to go.

I have a pencil (gotta have that) and a printed copy of level 2 and a map that I pieced together using tape.  How old school is that?  ;)  Also some pre-generated Henchmen and some tables I borrowed from the blogs like this one and that one.  

I also have my dice -- I have a bunch of color-coded RPG dice.  I often have new players and my grandkids, so it helps to be able to say "roll 3 green ones" if I have to.  Sometimes it's hard to describe to untrained eyes how a d8 looks different than a d10 or d12.  

I have some plastic chips (just in case).  I use them for luck points or fate points or whatever.  Uses for potions.  Charges on some 1/day items.  Whatever.

I have my bag of Scrabble tiles.  Very, very useful for NPCs, monsters, etc.  I use a battlemat, so I have some wet erase markers too.  You can see the corner of my DIY battlemat (grey) by the iPad.

Finally, the plastic trays hold a variety of pre-painted plastic minis.  Mostly humanoids and undead (my faves).  The screen is from 3e and it has no info on it that I use.  It just has pretty pictures on the other side and it was $1 at the used bookstore.  I plan to replace the interior text with info from S&W -or- I may glue clear plastic pouches on the interior so I can swap the GM info out when needed.

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Tenkar said...

Like the iPad seeing gaming use. My iPad is now my preferred gaming reading tool... I prefer it to the actual books in most cases.