Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gibbering Mouthers

Months ago, I purchased some unpainted Gibbering Mouthers from Augies Minis.  I guess they come in one of those Wizards D&D Board Games.

To the best of my knowledge, it is the same mini that is in the pre-painted line, but it isn't painted.

I think those sell for about $11 each.  These were in the $2 range.

Tonight I was listening to a school board meeting via LiveStream and I got some painting done.

Here they are.  I took two pics because I wasn't sure if the flash made the picture better or worse.  You be the judge.  :)

I primered them with grey and then did some touchups in grey.  Tried not to be too perfect; wanted them a little mottled.  I painted the mouths, the whites of their eyes and teeth, then dotted their eyes.  Finished it all off with a black wash and some matte varnish.

Serviceable paint jobs and certainly better than unpainted.  Not too shabby in my opinion.  :)

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