Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seven RPGs Meme

Here are my seven --

  1. 1st Ed. AD&D -- In Christmas of 1980, I received this very DMG from my parents.  They purchased it from the Sears Catalog (!).  I didn't have a PH or MM, but I wanted this book.  It seemed to hold the mysteries of AD&D that I was so interested in.  I wasn't wrong.  This book as been one of my prize possessions since that day.

    In 1983, I started running my Queston Campaign for two friends, NC and JD.  They had two PCs, a wizard and a ranger, and the rest of the party was made up of NPCs.  Great adventures were had for many years.

    This book is a staple of any fantasy game that I run, even if it's another system.  Good stuff.

  2. AD&D 2nd Edition  -- Later, around 1988, I started running another game for 7 or 8 friends.  "The Questians" was the name of there adventuring group.  We played for about 2-1/2 years, culminating in a grand battle in the Abyss against Orcus and his minions.

  3. Runequest -- There was a period when we played the hell out of this.  I really liked Battle Magic and the way that armor/hit locations worked.  We never really obsessed about Glorantha and all the religions, etc. there, but we did have great fun with the ducks, bronze weapons and power crystals.

  4. Champions -- Starting with the first edition (a thin grey saddle-stitched paperback) we began playing Champs.  I played one character, Bouncer, almost exclusively.  I ran many adventures for friends and at conventions.

  5. Fantasy Hero -- I read Terry Pratchett's "The Colour of Magic" and I was almost immediately inspired to run this game.  Something about the ability to make *exactly* the hero you wanted and the ability to start out competent was great fun.

  6. FUDGE/FATE -- The free-form nature of this game is its great strength, but also a weakness.  It takes a great deal of trust on the part of the players for this to work.  I enjoy tinkering with it and I've had great fun running it.

  7. Swords and Wizardry White Box/Labyrinth Lord -- I've been running the Castle of the Mad Archmage for over two years.  We started out with White Box but then moved to LL.  I'd go back to White Box in an instant.  I think it's just perfect.

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