Sunday, December 23, 2012

NPC Harry Furryfoot [Rapscallion Registry]

Happy Festivus everyone!

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Here's my next NPC --

Harry Furryfoot (yeah, I know, not original) was a stealthy sidekick to Brash Blunderbuss.  He was a little bit of comic relief and he was the only one who could find and remove those pesky traps.  I didn't run him as a DM pet; the PC's had to almost direct him when they needed him to do those "thiefly" things.

The "Gold Dragon Elf Charm" was a magic item in my campaign where you roll 2d6 for an extra saving throw in dire circumstances --

  • I'm falling off the top of a tall building
  • I'm falling into a pit of acid
  • I've just been immolated by an ancient red dragon
If you roll a 7 or 11, some miraculous, unbelievable coincidence saves you.
  • There's a haywagon at the bottom of the wall
  • An acid snake looms up out of the acid and you grab it by the fangs
  • The dragon sputters and belches out smoke instead of fire, giving you an opportunity to scramble to safety
The circumstances you find yourself in aren't always better, but you are still kicking.  Works twice per day.

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Sean Robson said...

I once played a halfling thief named Harry Furryfoot. At the time I thought it was such a clever name.