Saturday, December 29, 2012

Boggle Character Generation

Now, I'm not going to tell you that 3d6 in order -- or 4d6/best3 -- are difficult methods for generating characters.  They are not.  But occasionally my brain takes me on little side trips and I feel compelled to see where they go.

Sometimes, I like to share these ideas with those of you who are good enough to read this blog.

Here's my idea -- use a Boggle game tray to generate a character in one whack.

Here's a pic --

Take 16d6 and put them in the Boggle tray.  3 of them should be a different color -- in this case green.  Shake liberally then set down.  If the dice don't fit exactly, minor rearrangement may be necessary.  Your character is now generated.

One possible advantage to this method would be when generating NPCs.  You could shake the dice and set them aside.  Maybe you only need to know their STR right now.  Fine.  Read it off the dice.  At the next lull in the game, you can jot down all their other stats into your notes.

If you prefer 3d6 in order, here's the way I'd read the dice --

The stats would be -
STR - 9, INT - 15, WIS - 9, DEX - 9, CON -  8, CHA - 12
If you prefer 4d6/best3, here's the way I'd read the dice -

The stats would be -
STR - 10, INT - 17, WIS - 10, DEX - 13, CON - 12, CHA - 12
In either case, I would give 80 gp to Wizard characters, 100 gp to all others.

What do you think?


ERIC! said...

Wow, that seems like that would be fun just to "do". Great Idea!


Anonymous said...

Best D&D blog post of the month. Love it. More Boggle tray goodness to follow, I hope. Frex, using other die combinations to generate random dungeons AD&D DMG style.

Christopher said...

I like this a lot. Two questions, because they seem like they might lead to some insights into the game for me:

- I'm not sure I've seen or heard of wizards getting less gp at chargen before. Is that because they're assumed to have spent money on a spellbook/components/magical ink, or because of some other reason? Are there any systems that use this?

-I'm also curious about why you chose Con and Cha to be diagonal and therefore share dice with Wis and Str. Was that arbitrary or was there a particular reasoning behind choosing them?

Jim said...

@ERIC! - Thanks!
@fadedearth - Hmmm. Good idea. I'll see if inspiration strikes...
@Christopher - On p. 35 of the 1st Ed PH, there's a chart. Each class gets a certain amount of starting cash. Clerics and Fighters get the most, followed by Thieves, then Wizards. For simplicity, I usually just short-change the wizards. I guess they live an austere life and/or they spend their earnings on ink and paper.

As for the diagonals, I wanted to group STR/DEX/CON as Physical attributes. I grouped INT, WIS, and CHA on the other corner. Any arrangement you like is equally valid.

heylonghair said...

Is there any significance to the colored dice? You mentioned that 3 should be a different color but didn't elaborate at all.

Anonymous said...

I was recently trying to determine if there is a Boggle tray that would fit DungeonMorph Dice.

Telecanter said...

Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I do like the way this slightly links STR/CON and WIS/CHA.

rredmond said...

@heylonghair I believe that the green dice are for starting gold.