Thursday, July 14, 2011

Massive Monograph of Malignant Malefactors - A thru C

125 pages.  Whew.

That's just the ABC monsters!  Wow!  This IS going to be a Massive Book.

This is not a final version or layout, but I want to put it out there for you to use if you are so inclined.  I've included all the art I have at the moment, including the new pieces by Scadgrad.  (AWESOME!)   I also found some public domain stuff and I drew some pics myself.  To me, the art serves as a signpost that helps navigate the book.

I'm not including maps or landscapes anymore -- not that I won't -- I will!  I am just trying to concentrate on getting the monsters done.  It takes the better part of 2 weeks to format/compose 30+ pages of monsters per letter.  :)  Eventually, I'll put the maps, landscapes, treasure tables, random encounter tables, challenge levels, etc. in the book as well.  Honestly, that's probably months away -- gotta get the other 23 letters done!!!

I continue to refine the intro to the book and I keep adding the proper OGL credits to the end.

Enjoy!  Here's the link!

If you like the work, please post a comment.  Please let Scadgrad know that you like his pics too!


Simon Forster said...

That is going to be rather large. Good work though. I'll download and peruse it when I get home.

Trey said...

Downloaded. Looking forward to looking through it. :)

Christopher said...

Thank you!

Chaz said...

I applaud your work but I must ask - if this thing ends up truly enormous, won't that decrease its value/utility?
Are a lot of people clamoring for a 1K+ book?

Morgan said...

Are you still working on this project? I ask because so far it looks like the platonic ideal of what I want from a monster book. If you put up a Kickstarter I would be all over it. So far the money I'm throwing at my screen keeps bouncing off, but I live in hope... :)

Jim said...

@Morgan -- I am planning to get through F in the next week. Hmm. I think the community is hoping for this as a freebie -- at least the ones that are interested -- but I'll think about it. Thank you for your interest!