Monday, July 18, 2011

DM Treasures - X3 The Curse of Xanathon

At my local used book store, I recently picked up a copy of X3 The Curse of Xanathon.

I have not run the module and I haven't even read it in detail yet, but I thought I would share the few beginning pages because I think they are a hidden treasure.

The first few pages of the book detail the stocking of Rhoona, the city the adventure is based in.  Rhoona comes unstocked/unkeyed (in fact unnamed on the map) and it is the DM's job to put the city together.
The author, Douglas Niles, has created a couple of great tables to do just that.  I believe that these tables can easily be transferred to your own game.  Of course, YMMV.

On the map, CIRCLES represent businesses, SQUARES represent taverns and the empty spaces in each zone are otherwise crowded with residences (described in each section.)

The sections are:

A - Old Town
B - Warehouses
C - Marketplaces
D - Temple
E - Temple
F - Barracks
G - Middle Class Residences/Businesses
H - Racial Sector
I - Ducal Palace
J - Dwarven Quarters
K - Upper Class Residences

So, after drawing the map, you roll on a random table and note down the name of a tavern or type of business for each of the circles or squares on the map.  There are low class and middle class taverns.

Here are a couple example tables.  Enjoy.  I think they can be of great use in any fantasy city game.  If you can get your own copy of X3 I think you'll find other treasures therein.


scottsz said...

I like this module. The variation in the town, as you point out, is really cool (allows it to be easily incorporated into an existing campaign).

My favorite element is the 'player challenge' of confronting something unbeatable without knowing it.

You can't pull that off with the later edition 'balance fanatics' these days...

Aaron E. Steele said...

Thanks, i'll have to check my FLGS and see if they have a used copy of X3 in stock!