Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dyson's Delve with Grandkids 2

On their second trip into the Church of the Blue Stones, they decided to begin up top, in the ruins.

Before they left, the party decided to advertise and hire a few henchmen.  They did some interviews and settled on three good men.

  • Guy, Human mercenary
  • Pelton, Human mercenary (seems really trustworthy)
  • Brena, (F) Human mercenary
I rolled their initial morale and let's just say, the players were in for a surprise...

They were expecting Goblins and they weren't disappointed.  They headed down a spiral stair, and found themselves in a 30' square room.  Two doors exited the room.  One was ajar.

The adventuring party consisted of:

  • Anonymous, an elven wizard (Matt)
  • Tiny, a dwarf fighter (Maddie)
  • Drago, a halfling cleric (Brian)  -- this is Brago's "twin" brother
  • Hoss, a human fighter (Brian)
Drago snuck into the room and then over to the slightly open door.  He heard goblin-y arguing going on behind the door.  

Anonymous snuck up behind Drago and cast Charm Person on one of the goblins.  The gobbo didn't save so Anon now had a new friend.  "Protect me," he said in common (which the gobbo understood) and since he was already a bit angry with the other goblin -- combat ensued.

It could have gone either way, but it was quick and the rolls favored Anon's new friend.  He was victorious, but he was injured.  He now had only 1 HP left.

The party asked the little fellow a few questions and they found out that the big boss was a bit further on down that corridor.  They also learned that the ferret trainers were in the other direction.  They also learned that there were some doors on the level that the goblins NEVER OPEN.  In fact, they've blocked them shut.

The party decided to head away from the big boss for now and they moved toward the ferret trainer rooms.  They discovered a series of tunnels that sloped downward (they figured they knew where they went) and they also found the first of two FORBIDDEN doors.  Eventually they found the ferret trainers and leapt to battle.  Two goblins and two giant ferrets were waiting behind the door.

Well, most everyone did.  Turns out that Guy is a big chicken.  He stood in the hall with his sword out while everyone else ran into the room.  Pelton and Brena fought bravely but not Guy.

Anonymous was very disappointed in him.  

Eventually, when the battle had turned in favor of the adventurers, Guy decided to join in.

The ruckus drew the attention of the big boss and his guards.  Anon's little goblin friend (who was keeping watch) ran quickly to find him and let him know that "boss is coming!"

The battle was won by the adventurers who found the second FORBIDDEN door and a set of stairs down.  

Where will they go next?

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