Monday, February 28, 2011

Knockspell #5

Matt Finch just sent me my contributor copy of Knockspell #5.  That was very kind of him.

I contributed an article about using Scrabble tiles as monsters in your game.  I also have a way to use a random draw of tiles as a "wandering monster roll."  I think its a pretty clever little mechanic.  There are some files in the file section to the right to go along with the article too...

There are some great articles in there as well.  One is about the differences between weapons in 0e games.  Sure they all do the same damage, but what else do they do?  There's an article about magical vats and some seaborne magic items.

There are also two adventures that look pretty cool.

I don't get any royalties for my contribution; just the free PDF copy.  Go check out the issue for yourself.  I don't believe that you'll be disappointed!

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