Saturday, February 26, 2011

Old School Gamer Bling - NPCs - Swashbucklers

Over at the Wizard's site there's a page with PC/NPC portraits.  I found those via Dyson Logos' blog and wandered on over there...

An idea struck me!  I have these cool NPC cards that I bought from Paizo -- why not make my own?

Here's a deck of a dozen "Swashbucklers" based on the art I found over there.  I figure I can write the stuff the PC's "know" about the NPC on the front and I can crib my notes on the back...

Click here to download the PDF

Here's a preview!

If folks like these, I'll keep making sets to post.  Heck, I might even stat up a set with names and noteworthy bits already printed on the front if folks think that would be helpful.  

Let me know!

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Christopher said...

Very cool. These could come in handy, say, in a tavern- just draw three or four and use them as a quick way to describe the scene. They make great window dressing if the players don't want to interact with them, but if they do, then they make a quick and easy transition into NPCs the players get to interact with. So, yes, I do like these very much!