Sunday, January 23, 2011

Universal Probability Comparison Chart - Take 2

Some folks looked at my last post of the Judges Guild Universal Probability Chart and they discovered that it was just as quirky as you'd expect from a Judges Guild product.


I still think the chart is a good one, so I made one myself.

The probabilities for 3d6 are "generous" at the extremes, but I don't think that hurts too much.  I'll probably use it for NPC attributes and/or damage rolls.

I made this using my best judgment and I think it's pretty close -- certainly close enough for my DM'ing style.  YMMV.

PS: my Bears are out!  :(  It looks like we're heading toward a Packers/Steelers Superbowl.  It aught to be great!


Chris Kutalik said...

So-called great minds must think alike, I think this is one of the more useful bits of that system (personally I'm thinking EPT back to D&D conversions here).

PS the bears put up a valiant second half with a third-string QB no less. But man I'm glad to see the nation's only community-based, non-profit team advance (again) to the showdown in my hometown.

Spawn of Endra said...

Thanks Jim, this is a very pleasing and coherent chart. It engages my brain with actually comparing probability distributions and thinking about what they mean, instead of trying to find the pattern suggested by the nonsense (though I may still pursue that obsessively on my own).