Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gargulash the Troll

Here's an old school Citadel mini that I got a long, long time ago in a giant figure lot off eBay...  I paid about $40 for a big box of minis -- mostly MageKnight stuff -- but in the bottom of the box were some old lead minis and a bunch of newer Citadel plastics (probably from a GW boardgame of some stripe).

Anyway, I saw him and I knew that I needed to give him a good paint job.  He's gonna be a big-bad in the current CotMA game.  I don't know if there are trolls in there somewhere; but there's at least one now!  :)
The plastic base is kinda melted -- I think its from the previous owner's use of model cement...

Gargulash the Troll: HD 7 (50 hp), AC 17*, STR 20 (+3/+8) Mv 12", #AT 3 or 1 (claw/claw/bite or weapon), Dam 9-12(d4+8)/9-12(d4+8)/2-12 or 10-21 (d12+1+8), Regeneration 3 hp/rnd, *Amulet of Protection +2, Missile Shielding, and a Maul +1 (d12+1)


Sean Robson said...

That's a very 'Warhammery' troll; full of character and a bit of whimsy. GW recently released a set of plastic river trolls that are quite neat. One of them is vomiting up a vile spew containing fish skeletons and other partially digested bits.

thekelvingreen said...

It is indeed a Warhammer troll. A stone troll, as I recall.