Thursday, July 10, 2014

Queston Globe

My good friend DB just gave me a fantastic gift last night, a globe of my game world Queston!

I've never conceived of Queston as a globe; its always been a sheet of paper (since 1983!)

There has always been a desert pole to the north and a frozen pole to the south, but there's something about seeing them as a sphere that is very impressive.

Thanks DB!  This is amazing!

This is the Fyrkingdom, heart of most of my Queston campaigns.  Many landmarks and adventuring sites are located within this picture.

The desert north, populated by the nomadic Dragynne and the dark towers of the dark elves, githki and psiaki.

The southern reaches of the Fyrkingdom.  You can see South Hold and the wastes ruled by the Frozynne.  To the east you can see the Dropoff and the edge of the Trollands.

The island country of Whair, home to my CotMA game.  Ravenport (not on the globe) is in the bay to the right of the picture.  CotMA is nearby.


Lasgunpacker said...

Very cool! How was it done? papering over a regular globe and painting?

Jim said...

@Lasgunpacker -- I think he told me that he papered on a black/white map that he had and then he painted then lacquered it.