Saturday, June 21, 2014

Free RPG Day Swag

In the Phoenix area, we only had one game store participating in Free RPG Day.  That store is Imperial Outpost Games (their website is still under construction.)

Here's the swag I was able to get --

Raggi did a very creative job with his "Doom Cave" adventure.  I like his attitude.  I wish I could pull that off myself sometimes.  :)

Lots of things to like in this adventure.

The DCC Adventure has cool maps.  I only skimmed it.  I had to finish my "honey do's" and choices have to be made.  :)

And a cool Fudge die.

To thank them for their participation, I made a purchase of a couple of larger Bones figures.  An eldritch horror and a faceless monster?  They're cool.

Thank you Imperial Outpost.  I'll be back!

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Jerry said...

I considered Mr. Mustache, that cover is awesome. In the end I went with the Castles & Crusades adventure A Druid’s Lament; the LotFP adventure was a given, of course.