Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Dwarves Have Been Busy!

Received my Dwarven Forge Game Tiles!

Here are some pics of the Chamber of Sorrows!

I'm very happy with the Tiles.  I dropped several during unpacking (I'm clumsy) and nothing at all happened to them.  I plan on beating these up through heavy use, so I'm extremely excited about the durability.

I ordered painted sets and from the sheer volume I received (2 heavy boxes containing 5 sets plus extras) I'm glad I spent the money.  This would be weeks and weeks of painting.

I'm overloaded with Bones as it is!!!  :)


Lord Thanatos said...

Looks awesome! Do we get to play with it???

Jim said...

@Thanatos -- Of course! Too bad we're about 2yrs too late for CotMA! :( Dunno if JS wants to bother with 3D terrain, but I'm certainly game if he does.