Monday, October 28, 2013

Fountain or Obelisk or Mausoleum or... [Part 1]

So, over at The DMs Craft, DM Scotty posted this video about how to make a fountain --

Great stuff!  I decided I wanted to make my own so I busted out some cardboard and got started.  DM Scotty uses a couple thicknesses of cardboard in his project.  I have a corrugated box and a cereal box.  Should work...

Here's my idea pic -
Fountain with skull pillars around the sides.  :)

 I cut out a cardboard strip, the width was the same as the height of the skull pillars.

I cut out a 6" square base for the bottom.  I'm thinking this will be a nice central piece with my Dwarven Forge tiles.

I made it double-thick to compete with the thickness of the Dwarven Forge.  I put a lip of 3/8" wide cardboard around the edge.

Here's the central pillar, the skull columns and the water in the bottom of the fountain; textured with hot glue.

I want this thing to be SOLID.  Not a quick throwaway piece, so I added some cardboard to the top of the pillars and across the top of the central box.  That way, I'll be able to put hot glue on them and glue the top on securely.

Here it is all glued together.  I'll probably put some runes or cryptic writing on that central box...  Now that I think about it, there's room to go crazy with LEDs if I so choose-- the batteries could hide inside that central box/column.  :)

I used some triangles to add corners up top.  That will guide where the "water" flows over the top.

I used Post-it notes to make a "water" template.

This "water" template will be made from cereal box, textured with hot glue and painted.  It will be REMOVABLE so that you can have a fountain -- OR -- something else that doesn't have water cascading over the top...

I also decided to camouflage the edges using flexible modeling paste.

More work to be done, but here is the start of a cool fountain that can be a unique locale in a future megadungeon of mine...

More pics and details to follow!

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