Saturday, September 7, 2013

Roll A Character All At Once

Awhile back, I proposed a Boggle character rolling method.  Here's another one.

I made a "funnel" out of cardboard and I put it into a locking "tupperware" box.  You can shake the dice and wiggle them and eventually they will fall into 7 rows of 4d6.  Pick the top 3d6 in each row and arrange to taste.

This is not very "old school," but it is the way that my new DM wants to roll up characters.  (PS: It's one of my favorite methods too, truth be told.)

Here are some pics --

14, 14, 12, 14, 16, 17, 10 -- not bad...

 It's a little fiddly and you do kind of have to wiggle the dice while you are looking at them.  I suppose if I made the "hole" a bit larger, the dice might fall into the frame a bit easier and you would be able to roll by "feel."


christian said...

That is really, really cool. Coincidentally, 4d6, throw out the lowest and arrange as you wish is my fave as well. It produces very competent characters that the players enjoy running.

Nether Kraken said...

Hopefully you game as well as you DM. Those COTMA write ups were pure entertainment. :D

Anonymous said...

Of course, you just could make the hole smaller, note the stat and have 3d6 in order. ;)